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Artist: Rock Society
CatNo: RockSociety215
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Rock Society Issue 215 Cosmograf Kansas magazine

Issue 214 of Rock Society features interviews with Cross & Quinn, Zucchero, Cosmograf, Ray Wilson, Kansas and Mostly Autumn.

The free CD includes Dec Burke and Circuline amongst others.

Please note: the cover is not perfect. Sold as seen, no returns.

New Species 26
1. Dec Burke - Everlasting
2. Circuline - Forbidden Planet
3. Blind Ego - Blackened
4. Vola - Stray The Skies
5. David Wallimann - Overture
6. Cairo - Say
7. Maglev - Judith
8. Das Blaue Palais - Welt Am Draht
9. Ümit! - Mark Of Cain