Format: Book/Magazine
Artist: Nick Beggs
CatNo: BS_1801_BK
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Nick Beggs Steven Wilson And The Guitar Of Signed Book

These are all signed by Nick but some have very small corner damage. 

Nick Beggs's follow-up to his hugely successful comic, Steven Wilson's Day Off, is an equally surreal adventure sure to delight fans of both SW and the maverick Stick/Bass guru.

Take it away, Nick, "Steven Wilson sits under the watchful eye of his faithful hound in the trophy room. As he contemplates his achievements, there is one adornment with which he is ill at ease. What is to be done about this cumbersome accolade and how will he find restitution?"
Cue the guitar of EPIJ!
An A4, 6 page, 12 panel, full colour comic pamphlet containing a pull-out poster.