Format: Boxset
Artist: The Durutti Column
CatNo: LMS1725127
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The_Durutti_Column Vini_Reilly Boxset
Remastered and expanded 35th anniversary edition of Durutti Column's transcendent 1989 album, Vini Reilly.
Produced by Stephen Street (The Smiths, Blur, New Order), this 2024 release includes over 75 tracks, an expansive booklet featuring a new essay by Durutti Column / Factory Records expert, James Nice, liner notes by band member Bruce Mitchell, liner notes from Anthony Wilson, interview extracts with Vini Reilly and restored and outtake images.
Includes: Vini Reilly album plus three bonus tracks (with the original album presented in the previously rejected sleeve by 8vo), The Sporadic Recordings, the Womad Live EP (plus bonus live tracks and demos), exclusive Live In Porto 30/04/1988 DVD, and a 3” Mini CD I Know Very Well How I Got My Note Wrong (a replica of the bonus addition from the original CD pressing of Vini Reilly).
In a clamshell box with printed CD wallets.
CD1Vini Reilly’
Love No More 
Pol In G 
Opera I 
People’s Pleasure Park 
Red Square 
Finding the Sea 
William B 
They Work Every Day 
Opera II 
Homage to Catalonea 
Requiem Again 
My Country Otis (No Samples) 
My Country (Monarchy Mix)
CD2The Sporadic Recordings
Buddhist Prayer 
Nile Opera 
Shirt No. 7 
Kind of Love 
Rob Grey’s Elegy 
For Steven Patrick 
We Stumble 
Sketch for a Manchester Summer 1989
Arpeggiator II 
Diazepam 5 mgs 
But Was I...? 
Pol in Ab 
Real Drums - Real nDrummer
Another Mirror - Another Wall
30 Oldham Street 
4.10 AM 
For Lydia 
Detail for Heidi & Jodie 
Zinni’s Dance 
PPP Version 
For Lucy H 
4.30 AM 
It’s a Bright Guilty World - Pt 1
It’s a Bright Guilty World - Pt 2
Nile Reprise Diazepam 5 mgs
CD3Womad’ Live EP & Demos
Otis (Womad Live)
English Landscape Tradition (Womad Live)
Finding the Sea (Womad Live)
Bordeaux (Womad Live) 
Day Is Over (Live) 
Red Shoes (Live) 
Opera II 
Finding the Sea I 
PPP (demo) 
Juan Montero (Sketch 1) 
Sample Tune 
Finding the Sea (2) 
Juan Montero (Sketch 2) 
William B (demo) 
Sketches on Stratocaster 
Zinni and Vini Tune
DVDLive In Porto 30/04/1988
Mercy Theme 
What It Is To Me (Woman) 
Jongleur Grey 
Pol in B 
Bordeaux Sequence 
Sketch for Dawn 
Requiem Again 
English Landscape Tradition 
When the World 
The Missing Boy 
Red Shoes 
The Beggar 
Sketch for Summer
3” CD