Format: CD
Artist: N.y.X
CatNo: BEM018
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The News Nyx cd
The News is the second full-length album from Italian Art/Progressive Rock trio, N.y.X.
A concept album that utilises Electronica influences in conjunction with a manically inventive Progressive approach, the core trio - Walter F. Nyx, Danilo A. Pannico and Klod - is joined by legendary former King Crimson members Adrian Belew and Trey Gunn.
Cuban jazz pianist Ivan Napoles Bridon and cellist Marco Allocco also contribute.
1. Restless Slumber (At The Break Of Dawn)
2. Groundhog Day (Wakening, Dressing, Starting Up...)
3. A Sarcastic Portrait (Editorial, Home and Foreign Politics, Chronicle)
4. Discord (Domestic Politics)
5. The Paper (Titles & Subtitles)
6. Oscillations Du Chaos - Part III
7. The Daily Dark Delirium