Format: CD
Artist: Stefano Panunzi
CatNo: ER-CD03/15
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Stefano Panunzi Timelines cd
Stefano Panunzi's Timelines - from 2005 - was a collaborative project involving the stellar talents of Mick Karn, Gavin Harrison, Markus Reuter, Giancarlo Erra (Nosound) and Peter Chilvers, amongst many others.
Creating a moody collage of Progressive, Jazz and Ambient influences, the album contained strong echoes of the instrumental experiments of Jansen, Barbieri & Karn, Porcupine Tree/No-Man, King Crimson's series of ProjeKCts and Stefano's main band, Fjieri.
A 2016 pressing with new artwork
1 Timelines  
2 Underground  
3 Everything 4 her  
4 No answer from you  
5 Masquerade  
6 Web of memories  
7 The moon and the red house  
8 Forgotten story  
9 Tribal innocence  
10 Something to remember  
11 I'm looking for
Stefano Panunzi - Production, Keyboards, Drum and Percussion Programming, Voice, Loops
Nicola Alesini - Sax, Clarinet
Giacomo Anselmi - Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Mike Applebaum - Trumpet, Flugelhorn 
Peter Chilvers - Electric Piano, Sampled Strings
Giancarlo Erra - Guitar, Mellotron, Voice 
Fabio Fraschini - BAss 
Daniele Iacono - Drums
Haco - Voce, Laughter FX
Gavin Harrison - Drums
Mick Karn - Bass, Voice
Nicola Lori - Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Ambient Guitar, Bass
Diego Mancini - Drums
Sandra O'Neill - Voice 
Laura Pierazzuoli - 'Cello
Giampaolo Rao - Drums
Markus Reuter - Warr Guitar, Ambient Guitar
Rima - Spoken Voice
Angelo Strizzi - Drums