Format: CD
Artist: The Last Poets
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cd This Is Madness The Last Poets
A deluxe double cd set from early 1970s innovators The Last Poets featuring the band's first two albums.
Includes 3 bonus tracks. 
Generally recognised as one of the first ever rap groups, The Last Poets' groundbreaking fusion of minimalist African beats with uncompromising lyrics dealing with life in the ghetto, civil rights and social injustice caused a major sensation when their eponymous debut album made the U.S. Top Ten album chart in 1970. The group's militant message and delivery, coupled with their support for The Black Panthers, made them highly controversial at the time leading to their second album, 1971's This Is Madness, being placed on Richard Nixon's Counter-Intelligence programming list. Their pioneering sound continues to influence today's funk and hip-hop scenes, with their mark being heard on countless black musicians over the years.
Includes 3 bonus tracks that Jalal Mansur Nuriddin recorded under the name Lightnin' Rod for the Hustler's Convention album, including the nine minute Doriella Du Fontaine featuring Jimi Hendrix on guitar.
"Polemic poetry, signposting rap. Strong, angry, provocative and full of strident, jazz infused, congas-driven chants and cutting humour." - Mojo
CD 1:
1. Run, Nigger [1:10]
2. On The Subway [1:30]
3. Niggers Are Scared Of Revolution [5:16]
4. Black Thighs [1:26]
5. Gashman [2:41]
6. Wake Up, Niggers [2:48]
7. New York, New York [2:41]
8. Jones Comin` Down [2:48]
9. Just Because [2:26]
10. Black Wish [1:46]
11. When The Revolution Comes [2:29]
12. Two Little Boys [1:47]
13. Surprises [2:05]
CD 2:
1. True Blues [2:04]
2. Related To What Chant [1:08]
3. Related To What [3:12]
4. Black Is Chant [0:57]
5. Black Is [2:31]
6. Time [1:39]
7. Mean Machine Chant [1:22]
8. Mean Machine [4:02]
9. White Man's Got A God Complex [3:03]
10. Opposites [1:44]
11. Black People What Y'all Gon' Do Chant [0:45]
12. Black People What Y'all Gon' Do [3:24]
13. Od [3:07]
14. This Is Madness Chant [1:05]
15. This Is Madness [4:51]
Bonus Tracks:
16. Sport [2:34]
17. Spoon [1:13]
18. Doriella Du Fontaine [8:47]