Format: CD
Artist: Bill Nelson
CatNo: CD062
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Bill_Nelson Powertron CD

Recorded in 2016, Powertron has languished in the BN archives for eight years.

A potent collection of twelve pieces that highlight Nelson's prowess and invention as a guitarist.

'Its genesis came whilst recording tracks for ‘The Jewel’ album. Amongst these was a track titled ‘Drive Shaft’ which I considered too brash for ‘The Jewel’, but too good to abandon. I decided to create a suitable album to house ‘Drive Shaft’ and ‘Powertron’ was the result. It’s an album of left-field rock songs, mainly vocal but layered with loud and edgy guitars. It will appeal to those who enjoy the wilder side of my work.' - Bill Nelson

CD in jewel case.

01)  Fascinating Noise
02)  A River On The Edge Of Time
03)  Dreams And Smoke (Flow With The River)
04)  The Moon Came In My Window
05)  Where's The Wonder?
06)  Loose Chippings
07)  When I Don't Feel Blue
08)  Moments In The Day
09)  Fair Winds And Steam Machines
10)  Sailing My Boat
11)  Laughing Sailors, Raging Seas
12)  Drive Shaft