Format: CD
Artist: Napalm Death
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Napalm Death Order of the Leech Peaceville cd
Order Of The Leech, the 10th studio album from 'The most important Metal band in the country.' (Kerrang!), was released in 2002 and followed on from the highly acclaimed 2000 album 'Enemy Of the Music Business'.
A band which has defined extreme music and whose punk ethics and fierce political agenda have inspired everyone from System Of the Down to Queens Of The Stone age through to The Deftones, Napalm Death were the forefathers of grindcore.
Order Of The Leech was Napalm's fastest and heaviest album for a long time and was hailed as 'the best album of their career' by Terrorizer.
1.       Continuing War On Stupidity
2.       The Icing On The Hate
3.       Forced To Fear
4.       Narcoleptic
5.       Out Of Sight Out Of Mind
6.       To Lower Yourself
7.       Lowest Common Denominator
8.       Forewarned Is Disarmed
9.       Per Capita
10.     Farce And Force
11.    Blows To The Body
12.   The Great Capitulator