Format: CD
Artist: Paatos
CatNo: GVR009
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V Paatos CD
Comprising four new pieces and four re-workings of old material, Paatos' fifth album is both a voyage of discovery and a reassessment of the band's past.
Exploring the dynamic potential of the band, 'V' offers a combination of hypnotic soundscapes and dark riffs, acoustic sweetness and electric noise.
Another superb release from Sweden's Post-Progressive pioneers.
1. Feel  (4:27)
2. Desire (5:01)
3. Cold War (5:35)
4. Into the flames (4:46)
5. Tea (revisited)  (4:23)
6. In Time (revisited)  (4:22)
7. Precious (remixed)  (4:38)
8. Your misery (remixed)  (4:46)
First edition of the album comes in a stunning digipack with a 20 page booklet.