Format: CD
Artist: Svefn Plural
CatNo: audvee22
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cd Svefn Plural Skyhook
Atay Ilgun's solo project ends with this release after two previous EP's.
Atay says: "It is a delightful listen for those who enjoy Mono, Carpenters, Steven Wilson, Slowdive and "young fresh music". Or anybody on a train feeling sad, nostalgic or hopeful.
The package is a thick arigato pack with 10 cards in it offering personal and technical insights on the tracks. It's shrink-wrapped (sadly they are a little loose but they do protect the cards until it arrives) and it has a sticker on it.
The polaroid on the front is not an authentic one."
Sleeping On A Train (8.00)
Polaroid Girl (7.24)
Logic Of Sense (9.28)
Sahara Opium (4.46)
Before The Light (7.42)
Beautiful Apocalypse (5.46)
Atay Ilgun - Vocals, Instruments
Guest Appearances;
Caner Bozkurt - Bass Guitars
Alper Yldrm - Samples
Matthew Anderson - Drums
Ahmet Polat - Drums
Sukru Soncul - Piano, Keyboards
Onur Bozdag - Vocals, Guitars
Kemal Sahinalp - Guitars
Recorded and produced at Haunted Attic Studios between 2008-2010.
Photography by Marc Hasselbalch / Graphic Design by Alper Yldrm and Ege Alper.
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