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Reality Is My Play Thing
Artist: Phi Yaan-Zek
Format: CD

Reality Is My Play Thing is an expansive double album of genre-bending progressive rock tracks th..
Era Decay
Artist: Seth
Format: CD

The 2004 album of high-calibre extremity from the French Metal masters.   This editi..
The Banishing
Artist: Kavus Torabi
Format: CD

Kavus Torabi’s powerful second solo album The Banishing follows a turbulent period in the ar..
In The Mushroom
Artist: Lid
Format: CD

Lid was a project formed in the latter half of the 1990’s by Daniel Cavanagh (Anathema) and legen..
The Marble Index
Artist: Nico
Format: CD

Nico's second solo album 1968's The Marble Index has long been out of print. ..
Artist: Nico
Format: CD

Nico's third solo album 1970's Desertshore has long been out of print.   This 2024 r..
To Follow Polaris
Artist: The Tangent
Format: CD

To Follow Polaris is the 2024 studio album by The Tangent.    Described as 'ful..
Artist: Laughing Stock
Format: CD

Laughing Stock’s 2024 album Shelter is conceptual work revolving around humanity’s relationship w..
Charismatic Leaders
Artist: Wheel
Format: CD

Charismatic Leaders is the third studio album and InsideOutMusic debut from Finland-based Progres..
Unknown Pleasures
Artist: Joy Division
Format: CD

2017 deluxe 2CD repress of Joy Division's classic debut album Unknown Pleasures (1979). ..
Complete & Total Fucking Mayhem
Artist: Hellripper
Format: CD

Currently taking the Metal world by storm with Warlocks Grim & Withered Hags, Peaceville pres..
II: Frailty
Artist: OU
Format: CD

Chinese Progressive Metallers OU unleash more mesmerising sound on their second rel..
Deadly Dining & Talking With Strangers bundle
Artist: Judy Dyble
Format: Book/Magazine

A bundle of the Deadly Dining book by Judy Dyble & Louise Regan with the CD of Talking With S..
Talking With Strangers
Artist: Judy Dyble
Format: CD

Judy Dyble, the legendary and reclusive former Fairport Convention and Trader Horne sin..
PianoWorks 1 - Frozen In Time (Japanese OBI)
Artist: Dave Sinclair
Format: CD

Reflective and Classically inspired 'songs without words' for the 21st Century.   Da..
Artist: Luz De Riada
Format: CD

The 2024 studio release from Mexican RIO / Prog band Luz de Riada. 'A unique vision of progre..
Mirror To The Sky
Artist: Yes
Format: CD/Blu-Ray

Limited 2CD/Blu-ray in digipak edition - with 20-page booklet - Yes's 2023 album Mirror To The Sk..
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