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A 50th anniversary celebration of Kansas, featuring songs from all the band's albums over three C..
Travelling The Great Circle & Trees Of Eternity Bundle
Artist: Ozric Tentacles
Format: Boxset

The two most recent multi-disc Ozric Tentacles Deluxe Hardback Book sets available as a..
Trees Of Eternity: 1994-2000
Artist: Ozric Tentacles
Format: Boxset

Trees Of Eternity (1994-2000) is a 7CD 72-page deluxe Hardback Book set containing six Ozric..
( ) 20th Anniversary Remaster
Artist: Sigur Rós
Format: CD

The epic ( ) is Sigur Rós’s celebrated third album, and for many the band's defini..
Notes From The Past (2022 Reissue)
Artist: Kaipa
Format: Vinyl/CD

Kaipa’s 2002 studio album Notes from the Past available on vinyl for the very first time, as a ne..
Artist: MesaVerde
Format: CD

The debut album by MesaVerde is the lovechild of Led Zeppelin and Tame Impala brew..
Artist: Grice
Format: CD

Polarchoral is the 5th solo album by British art rock artist Grice.   Multi-instrume..
Heaven And Hell (Remastered)
Artist: Black Sabbath
Format: CD

A remastered double cd edition of Black Sabbath's 1980 release Heaven And Hel..
Mob Rules (Remastered & Expanded)
Artist: Black Sabbath
Format: CD

A remastered double cd edition of Black Sabbath's finer than fine 1981 follow-up to Heaven A..
A 2022 repress of the glorious 40th anniversary edition of Jethro Tull's conceptual masterpi..
Zappa ‘75: Zagreb / Ljubljana
Artist: Frank Zappa
Format: CD

Frank Zappa’s Autumn 1975 touring schedule brought him to two cities in Yugoslavia, marking the f..
George Orwell 1984
Artist: d’Voxx
Format: CD

A stunning sonic interpretation of George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four recorded with the blessin..
Divine Symmetry
Artist: David Bowie
Format: Boxset

A deluxe 4CD/Blu-ray/2Book collection celebrating the twelve months leading to the release of Dav..
For Snow Covered the Northland
Artist: Ancient Wisdom
Format: CD

A remastered double CD edtion of For Snow Covered the Northland containing a ..
Artist: Nirvana
Format: CD

Previously thought long lost, the original tapes for Secrets were found in 2020 by ..
Artist: Anathema
Format: CD/Blu-Ray

The stunning 2012 concert film capturing Anathema live in the beautiful ancient Roman t..
We're Here Because We're Here
Artist: Anathema
Format: CD

Mid-price CD edition of Anathema’s magnificent Kscope label debut from 2010. Mixed by&n..
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