Format: Vinyl
Artist: Soft Machine
CatNo: TFLP204
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Soft Machine Paradiso 69 Vinyl Hugh Hopper Robert Wyatt Limited
Previously only available on releases drawn from a 1980's digital copy, Soft Machine's Paradiso '69 has been remastered and restored from the original analogue masters by Peter van Vliet (The Use Of Ashes) and Raymond Steeg.
A definiitive edition of a classic recording with liner notes by Sid Smith and graphic design by Carl Glover.
Limited numbered 180g vinyl edition (500 copies pressed globally).
Hulloder (0:28)
Dada Was Here (8:18)
Thank You Pierrot Lunaire (0:46)
Have You Ever Bean Green? (0:58)
Pataphysical Introduction Part 2 (0:54)
As Long As He Lies Perfectly Still (2:06)
Fire Engine Passing With Bells Clanging (2:15)
Hibou, Anemone And Bear (4:19)
Fire Engine Passing With Bells Clanging (Reprise) (3:23)
Pig (4:26)
Orange Skin Food (0:15)
A Door Opens And Closes (1:10)
10:30 Returns To The Bedroom (11:09)