Format: Vinyl
Artist: Virna Lindt
CatNo: TWI195
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Virna Lindt Shiver Double vinyl
Les Disques du Crepuscule present an extended double vinyl reissue of Shiver, the acclaimed debut album by seminal Swedish pop artist Virna Lindt, originally released by The Compact Organisation in 1983.
Written and produced by Virna Lindt and Tot Taylor, Shiver offers 12 slices of chic orchestrated pop informed by 'foreign film' soundtracks, movie composers John Barry and Ennio Morricone, Modernist musique concrete and Cold War spy thrillers. The album spawned three singles: Attention Stockholm, Intelligence and I Experienced Love. For the most part Lindt provides the voiceover for her own narratives, occasionally striking reflective poses amid orchestral swells and multi-layered atmospherics; a clear influence on later acts such as Pulp, St Etienne, The Cardigans and Air.
This new edition of Shiver showcases acoustically-enhanced mixes prepared by Taylor and Lindt in 1997, augmented with non-album singles Model Agent and Young & Hip, and immaculate instrumental versions of key album tracks such as Underwater Boy and The Dossier on Virna Lindt. The extended tracklist also finds room for a leftfield cover of Windmills of Your Mind, originally written by Michel Legrand for The Thomas Crown Affair and recorded for the Crepuscule compilation album Moving Soundtracks.
Cover image by E.A. Janes.
The double vinyl set comes in a stylish gatefold sleeve.
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1. Shiver
2. I Experienced Love
3. Pillow Talk
4. Swedish Modern
5. I Beat the System
6. The Dossier on Virna Lindt
1. Attention Stockholm
2. Underwater Boy
3. Letter to Sergei
4. Intelligence
1. Windmills of Your Mind
2. Model Agent
3. Young and Hip
4. Man Talk
5. Groom
6. Episode 1
1. Attention Stockholm (inst.)
2. Shiver (inst.)
3. The Dossier on Virna Lindt (inst.)
4. I Beat the System (inst.)
5. Underwater Boy (inst.)