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Across the Evening
Artist: Jon Durant and Robert Jürjendal
Format: cd

Across The Evening - by guitarists Jon Durant and Robert Jürjendal - further extends the ambient/..
Epik, Didaktik, Pastoral
Artist: Samuel Hällkvist
Format: cd

Samuel Hällkvist’s Epik, Didaktik, Pastoral is another creative and sonic leap forward for the in..
Sheer Reckless Abandon
Artist: Bruford / Borstlap
Format: cd

A 3CD/1DVD (region 0, ntsc) set collecting all the official releases by the duo of..
Gradually Going Tornado (Japanese)
Artist: Bruford
Format: cd

Following his debut Feels Good To Me and its acclaimed successor One of a Kind, Bruford continued..
Live at the Baked Potato
Artist: Soft Machine
Format: cd

This follow-up to Soft Machine's highly acclaimed 2018 album Hidden Details finds John Ether..
Artist: Miguel Noya, Paul Godwin, Robert Jürjendal
Format: cd

An ambient supergroup of musicians from Estonia, Venezuela and San Francisco performing intense P..
Artist: Circus
Format: vinyl

Combining aspects of Jazz, Folk and Psychedelic Rock, Circus were a shining example of the creati..
Noise In Your Eye
Artist: Noise In Your Eye
Format: cd

Noise in Your Eye is a fascinating project created by musician/producer Adrian Chivers and musici..
A double CD set including Live At The Venue and the 4th Album Rehearsal Sessions (both ..
Artist: Gilgamesh
Format: cd

A 2020 Esoteric label CD re-press of the classic 1975 self-titled debut album by Gilgamesh. &..
Music For Piano And Drums (Japanese)
Artist: Moraz-Bruford
Format: cd

Music For Piano And Drums, the debut collaboration from Bill Bruford and Patrick M..
The Bruford Tapes (Japanese)
Artist: Bruford
Format: cd

One of the first of the "beat the bootleggers" albums, The Bruford Tapes was recorded f..
Time's Arrow - The Concert (Rescheduled)
Artist: Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin
Format: e-ticket

Dave Stewart and Barbara Gaskin celebrate 40 years of their unique music-making with a special co..
Sculpting in Time
Artist: David Kollar
Format: cd

Sculpting In Time is David Kollar’s atmospheric musical tribute to the cinematic genius of legend..
Is That So?
Artist: John McLaughlin, Shankar Mahadevan & Zakir Hussain
Format: cd

Six years in the making, Is That So? is one of legendary guitarist John McLaughlin's deepest and ..
Jazz on a Summer's Day O.S.T.
Artist: Various Artists
Format: cd/dvd

Jazz On A Summer’s Day is one of the greatest concert movies ever made, a timeless record of the ..
Antikythera (magenta)
Artist: Lorenzo Feliciati / Michele Rabbia
Format: vinyl

Antikythera is visionary composer and bass player Lorenzo Feliciati’s 2019 collaboration with mas..
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