Format: Vinyl
Artist: The Aristocrats
CatNo: BM00013LP
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The_Aristocrats Duck Double_vinyl Guthrie_Govan Bryan_Beller
The world’s most raucous rock/fusion instrumental power trio has made a concept album! 
Duck is the story of a web-footed Antarctic island native fleeing a penguin policeman all the way to New York City. 
The Aristocrats Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller, Marco Minnemann - have created a kaleidoscopic musical universe, employing both trademark genre pastiches and inventive new arrangement explorations.
While the trio's obvious virtuosity and inherent absurdity are present as always, on Duck it’s employed in service of the band’s most ambitious compositional and sonic production to date.
Double vinyl edition.
1. Hey, Where's MY Drink Package? 07:01
2. Aristoclub 04:46
3. Sgt. Rockhopper 05:51
4. Sittin' With A Duck On A Bay 07:21
5. Here Come The Builders 06:16
6. Muddle Through 07:01
7. Slideshow 07:15
8. And Then There Were Just Us/Duck's End 09:04
9. This Is Not Scrotum 05:06