Format: CD
Artist: Hans-Joachim Roedelius
CatNo: Curio38
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Hans-Joachim_Roedelius Pink_Blue_and_Amber CD
Limited edition tri-panel CD with 12-page booklet of Roedelius’s transcendent Pink, Blue and Amber (1996).
Evolving from varied sessions over a period of almost ten years - including recordings for his ensemble Aquarello in 1985 - the album includes significant contributions from Yuko Matsuzaki, Fabio Capanni, Felix Jay, Stephan Steiner, Tony Morely and numerous others.
Features new album art and liner notes by Rosa Roedelius and remastering by Peter Nothnagle. 
1 Poetry 3:52
2 Early Blue 3:28
3 Beyond Crimson Bridge 5:34
4 Glass From Jasper 4:59
5 The Yellow Bird 4:29
6 Violet Fields 6:14
7 Gem 9:11
8 Pink, Blue And Amber 7:43
9 Smell Of Dew 4:06
10 The Bambuswind 12:47