Format: Vinyl
Artist: Hugh Cornwell
CatNo: HISV103
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Hugh Cornwell Hi Fi vinyl

Exclusive to Burning Shed, a completely remixed and remastered 180g black vinyl edition of Hugh Cornwell's 2000 studio album.

A strictly limited edition of 500, the LP comes with a postcard signed by Hugh.

'Hi Fi ranks with the most confident and accessible work of Cornwell's career.' - Allmusic

Side One
1) Leave Me Alone 3:27
2) One Day At A Time 4:56
3) All The Colours Of The Rainbow 4:29
4) Putting You In The Shade 2:42
5) The Big Sleep 4:50
Side Two
1) Miss Teazyweezy 3:57
2) Dark Side Of The Room 3:42
3) Lay Back On Me Pal 3:35
4) Gingerbread Girl 4:16
5) The Prison's Going Down 6:08