Format: CD
Artist: In Continuum
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In Continuum Acceleration Theory Dave Kerzner CD
Acceleration Theory is the debut concept album by In Continuum, a Progressive Rock band created by Dave Kerzner (Sound of Contact). 
Featuring Kerzner on keyboards and vocals, the core band consists of fellow SOC band mates Matt Dorsey on bass and Randy McStine on guitar, Gabriel Agudo (Steve Rothery Band) on vocals, and Marco Minnemann on drums. 
The album also features special guest appearances from Nick D'Virgilio (Big Big Train), John Wesley, Jon Davison (Yes), Steve Hackett, Steve Rothery and more.
CD in digipak.
1. Acceleration Theory 05:12          
2. Crash Landing (feat Steve Hackett) 05:52        
3. I Remember 05:47           
4. Two Moons Setting With The Sun 06:20           
5. Scavengers 03:58
6. Be The Light (feat Steve Rothery) 04:53           
7. Hands Of Time 11:13       
8. Racing Through The Past 03:12
9. AlienA (feat Leticia Wolf) 04:46  
10. Meant To Be (feat Jon Davison) 02:08            
11. Man Unkind 05:50         
12. Banished 03:03