Format: CD/DVD
Artist: Isildurs Bane
CatNo: ATX3
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Isildurs Bane Mind Vol 5 - The Observatory cd dvd
A DVD (PAL, All regions) of Isildurs Bane performing live in Halmstad 2004, with bonus material recorded live at the Gouveia Art Rock festival (also in 2004). 
Most of Mind Vol. 4 is performed along with The Voyage suite, Celestial Vessel and the previously unreleased The Asylum. 
Includes contributions from Linnea Olsson (Peter Gabriel) and Mariette Hansson on vocals/cello and vocals/guitar respectively, plus lead vocalist Christoph Jeppsson. 
Mind Vol. 5 - The Observatory DVD (PAL, All regions):
1. Under the wind 
2. Heal (intro) 
3. Good 
4. Open 
5. Dark II 
6. Ends 
7. Cage 
8. Eyes 
9. Idea 
10. Heal 
11. People are afraid 
12. The voyage: The adventure of the whirling delirium 
13. The voyage: A telescope and a hot air balloon 
14. Loss 
15. Rage 
16. The voyage: Wild as a toad 
17. The voyage: Magnificent giant battles 
18. Without grace 
19. The Asylum (Bonus material: Live at Gouveia Art Rock 2004, Portugal) 9:12 
20. Idea (Bonus material) 8:59 
21. Celestial vessel (Bonus material) 8:12 
22. Without grace (Audio bonus material) 
23. People are afraid (Audio bonus material) 
24. Under the wind (Audio bonus material) 
25. Thoughts stand still (Audio bonus material)
Songs From The Observatory CD EP:
1. People are Afraid (2.07)
2. Without Grace (5.20)
3. Under the Wind (3.18)
4. No Choice (I'm Still Here) (3.36)