Aufbruch - the title of the 2021 collaboration between electro-acoustic composer J. Peter Schwalm and guitarist Markus Reuter - translates as “departure” or “emergence.” Either definition offers an evocative interpretation of the powerfully immersive Soundworld the duo have conjured together, but even more suggestive is the ambiguity between the two meanings. 
Playing with the possibilities of wreckage and rebuild, Aufbruch contains a set of mesmerisingly bleak yet captivatingly rich aural landscapes.
Transparent crystal vinyl in slipcase with printed inners.
1. Der Aufbruch
2. Von Anbeginn
3. Rückzug
4. Abbau
5. Ein Riss
6. Der lange Weg
7. Lebewohl
8. Losgelöst
9. Abschied