Format: Boxset
Artist: John Wetton
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John_Wetton An_Extraordinary_Life Boxset
An Extraordinary Life is the first in an ongoing series of box sets celebrating the life and times of the legendary John Wetton.
This 8CD collection includes John’s six solo albums, each with bonus material which have been remastered by Maor Appelbaum.
Also included are 2CDs of extremely rare and hard-to-find bonus material, especially curated by Rick Nelson, long-time Wetton archivist and John’s close friend. 
Pre-order purchases from Burning Shed include a 10 track download (including four unreleased tracks) (Available in your account).
Presented in a 12×12” box, this collection also features an extensive 64 page book with notes written by Nick Shilton, author of John’s biography. Artwork is by Michael Inns, long-time friend and collaborator of John’s.
This box set has been carefully curated with the blessing of John’s wife Lisa and son Dylan and is released with the full support of the Wetton estate.
From the committed prog connoisseur to the prog-pop fan of Asia, Wetton’s appeal is broad and deep. This extensive collection is the perfect entry point to appreciating and understanding the many colourful facets of John Wetton’s musical personality and is the perfect illustration of his extraordinary life.
Caught In The Crossfire (with Bonus Tracks)
1 Turn On The Radio
2 Baby Come Back
3 When Will You Realise
4 Cold Is The Night
5 Paper Talk
6 Get Away
7 Caught In The Crossfire
8 Get What You Want
9 I’ll Be There
10 Woman
11 Every Inch Of The Way
12 Out Of The Blue
Battle Lines (with Bonus Tracks)
1 Right Where I Wanted To Be
2 Battle Lines
3 Jane
4 Crime Of Passion
5 Sand In My Hand
6 Sea Of Mercy
7 Hold Me Now
8 Space And Time
9 Walking On Air
10 You’re Not The Only One
11 Battle Lines (Acoustic version)
Arkangel (with Bonus Tracks)
1 The Circle of St Giles
2 The Last Thing On My Mind
3 Desperate Times
4 I Can’t Lie Anymore
5 Archangel
6 You Against The World
7 Be Careful What You Wish For
8 Emma
9 Nothing Happens For Nothing
10 All Grown Up
11 After All
12 The Celtic Cross
13 Take These Tears
14 Magazines
15 Woman
1 Heart Of Darkness
2 Say It Ain’t So
3 No Ordinary Miracle
4 Where Do We Go From Here
6 Another Twist Of The Knife
7 Silently
8 Before Your Eyes
9 Second Best
10 Real World
Rock Of Faith (with Bonus Tracks)
1 Mondrago
2 Rock Of Faith (Demo)
3 A New Day
4 I’ve Come To Take You Home
5 Who Will Light A Candle
6 Nothing’s Gonna Stand In Our Way
7 Altro Mongo
8 I Believe In You
9 Take Me To The Waterline
10 I Lay Down
11 When You Were Young
12 Cold Comfort
13 God Only Knows
Raised In Captivity (with Bonus Tracks)
1 Lost For Words
2 Raised In Captivity
3 Goodbye Elsinore
4 The Last Night Of My Life
5 We Stay Together
6 The Human Condition
7 Steffis Ring
8 The Devil And The Opera House
9 New Star Rising
10 Don’t Misunderstand Me
11 Mighty Rivers
12 Face To Face
CD7 Bonus Tracks 1
1 AD 2023
2 Raven
3 Walking On Air
4 Straight From The Heart
5 If I Was A Country
6 All Along The Watchtower
7 Deya 1986
8 Tears Of Rage
9 Marianne
10 Healer Of Shattered Hearts
11 I’d Give It All For You
12 Ultimate Emotion (unfinished idea)
13 Wings Of Angels 
14 Wings Of An Angel
15 All For One
16 From A Distant Heart
17 Real World - John and Ringo
18 The Greatest Show On Earth -JW Edit
19 Adagietto
20 The Water Is Wide
CD8 Bonus Tracks 2
1 Raised In Captivity
2 The Other Guy (Second Best)
3 I Will
4 Bad Thing
5 Boys Of The Diamond City
6 Flesh And Blood
7 Burn Your Name In My Heart
8 Sex/Power/ And Money
9 Back In Your Lovin’ Arms
10 Every Inch Of The Way (duet with Lori Cuomo)
11 I Can’t Tell You Why
12 Winner Takes It All (demo)
13 Mind Over Matter (demo)
14 Gypsy Soul (demo)
15 Wasted Time
16 You Still Got Me
17 Halfway To Heaven
18 I’ll Never Stop Loving You
19 Forever