Format: Vinyl
Artist: Josef K
CatNo: TWI022
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Josef K Its Kinda Funny Vinyl
It's Kinda Funny by Josef K presents the Sound of Young Scotland on 45, rounded up on 33.
As well as featuring the band's three legendary 45s on Postcard Records (Radio Drill Time, It's Kinda Funny and Chance Meeting), the album also includes both Crépuscule singles (Sorry For Laughing, Missionary) as well as the original Absolute version of Chance Meeting from 1979.
B-side tracks are also included.
Cover art by Jean-François Octave. Inner bag with liner notes and archive photography by Simon Clegg. Outer sleeve printed on matt reverse board.
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1. Romance
2. Radio Drill Time
3. It's Kinda Funny
4. Sorry For Laughing
5. Chance Meeting
6. Missionary
1. Heaven Sent
2. Revelation
3. Crazy to Exist
4. The Angle
5. Pictures (of Cindy)
6. Final Request
7. Chance Meeting (Absolute)