Format: Vinyl
Artist: Katatonia
CatNo: VILELP403
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Katatonia Dead End Kings Double Vinyl
A limited double heavyweight (180gm) vinyl edition of Katatonia's masterful 2012 album.
Packaged in a gatefold sleeve and with printed inner sleeves. 
A logical continuation of 2009's panoramic 'Night is the New Day', 'Dead End Kings' contains Katatonia's most poignant and ambitious material to date.
Produced by band members Anders Nystrom and Jonas Renkse and mixed by David Castillo - known for his previous work with Katatonia, as well as Opeth and Bloodbath - Dead End Kings also sees the recording debuts of guitarist Per Eriksson and bassist Niklas Sandin. 
Once again, Frank Default provides additional sampling and atmospherics, while Norwegian vocalist Silje Wergeland of Dutch legends The Gathering/ex-Octavia Sperati makes a special guest appearance.
The stunning artwork is supplied by long-time visual collaborator Travis Smith.
1. The Parting (4:52)
2. The One You Are Looking For Is No (3:52)
3. Hypone (4:07)
1. The Racing Heart (4:06)
2. Buildings (3:28)
3. Leech (4:23)
1. Ambitions (5:07)
2. Undo You (4:56)
1. Lethean (4:39)
2. First Prayer (4:28)
3. Dead Letters (4:49)