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Artist: Andrew Keeling
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Reclaiming Eros Andrew Keeling cd-r
Written between 2000 - 2004 and including performances by highly respected ensembles and musicians such as Gothic Voices, Yukimi Kambe Viol Consort, Stor Quartet, Jacob Heringman, Catherine King, Susanna Pell and Abigail James,  'Reclaiming Eros' represents the second recorded collection of chamber, solo instrumental and vocal works by composer Andrew Keeling.
Perhaps more direct and evocative than his previous work, Andrew has said of 'Reclaiming Eros' that, "The music on the album represents a return to working intuitively. The pieces were written so fast, all I could do was write down what came to me...usually out of the blue. Hearing the music performed by these excellent musicians gave me the confidence to think that, perhaps, something more musically sensuous has at last emerged in my writing." 
Recent commissions from Fretwork and the Yukimi Kambe Viol Consort have seen Andrew's music performed in Russia and Japan, and his acclaimed orchestral re-workings of Robert Fripp and King Crimson material were performed and broadcast worldwide by the Metropole Orchestra of Amsterdam in 2003.
01 Piano Quartet - Reclaiming Eros (2000) 16:25
Commissioned by the Deal Festival and the Newbold Piano Quartet
Stor Quartet - Olga Wojciechowska (violin), 
Ricardo Odriozola (viola), Sebastien D√∂rfler (cello), 
Torlief Torgersen (piano). Greig Academy, Bergen, Norway. 
February, 2005. Engineer - Steinar Bakkemo
02 Scarlet Letters (2003) for guitar 15:04
Commissioned by Abigail James
Abigail James (guitar). London. November, 2004. 
Engineer - Dill Katz
03 Powered by Joy (2003) for mezzo-soprano, two tenors and baritone 13:37
Texts by Solage (Joieux de cuer) and Machaut (Il m?est avis)
Commissioned by Gothic Voices
Gothic Voices - Catherine King (mezzo-soprano), 
Steven Harrold, Julian Podger, Leigh Nixon (tenors). 
Toddington, UK. April, 2005. Engineer - Dill Katz
04 Black Sun for lute (2001) 7:01
Commissioned by Jacob Heringman
Jacob Heringman (lute). London. May, 2005. 
Engineer - Dill Katz
Gefunden (2003) for four viols 12:21
05 i) Drammatico! 
06 ii) Poco agitato
07 iii) Semplice/Lamentoso e rigoroso
Commissioned by Yukimi Kambe Viol Consort
Yukimi Kambe Viol Consort - Yukimi Kambe (treble), 
Eriko Ozawa and Maki Noguchi (tenors), Kaori Hashizume 
(bass). Lilis, Sakae Ward Culture Centre, Yokohama, Japan. 
February, 2005. Director Tsutomu Mizuno. 
Engineers - Masahiro Suzuki, Youhei Ohta and Takahiro Suzuki of Studio Universal Inc.
08 Seule (2001) for mezzo-soprano 7:16
A setting of Nerval's El Desdichado
Commissioned by Catherine King
Catherine King (mezzo-soprano). Toddington, UK. May, 2005. 
Engineer - Dill Katz
09 A Child Divine (2004) for bass viol 3:32
for Edie
Susanna Pell (viol). London. May, 2005. Engineer - Dill Katz
Production - Andrew Keeling and Jacob Heringman. 
Engineer - Dill Katz. London. July 2005
Thank you - Tim Bowness and Burning Shed; the musicians without whom this CD would never have been, especially 
Jacob Heringman; my family - Sue, Nicholas, Christopher and Elizabeth; my father, Geoffrey Edward Keeling (d. 2001); 
Judee Lynne Sill (d. 1979).
?Eros is the great healer.?
(Dr. Anne Maguire)
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