Format: Vinyl
Artist: King Crimson
CatNo: KCLP3
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Vinyl King Crimson Lizard
Lizard is the third in a series of audiophile King Crimson vinyl reissues. 
The album's return to the 12" vinyl format is newly cut from masters approved by Robert Fripp. 
Manufactured on 200gm super-heavyweight vinyl and housed in a reprint of the original gatefold sleeve.
An album unlike any other by this most exploratory of Rock bands, Lizard is an often overlooked and under-appreciated gem.
Side One
1) Cirkus (including Entry of the Chameleons)
2) Indoor Games 
3) Happy Family
4) Lady of the Dancing Water
Side Two
1) Lizard:
a) Prince Rupert Awakes
b) Bolero - The Peacock's Tale
c) The Battle of Glass Tears (including Dawn Song)  
d) Last Skirmish
e) Prince Rupert's Lament
f) Big Top
Robert Fripp: guitar, mellotron and devices   
Mel Collins: saxes and flute   
Gordon Haskell: bass and vocals   
Andy McCulloch: drums   
Peter Sinfield: words    
Robin Miller: oboe and cor anglais   
Mark Charig: cornet 
Nick Evans: trombone                                  
Keith Tippett: Piano   
Jon Anderson: vocal