Format: CD
Artist: MASK
CatNo: bshed0305
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Marvin Ayres maxi single cd Sonja Kristina
MASK was a collaborative project featuring acclaimed Ambient cellist/violinist/producer, Marvin Ayres, and cult icon/singer, Sonja Kristina (Curved Air).
Fusing experimental voice and strings Soundscapes, MASK mixed extemporisation with structured songs and beats, fusing elements of Ambient/Electronica, Trance and Classical music to breathtaking and original effect.
The maxi single Healing Senses was their first release (exclusively available via Burning Shed).  
The single's three tracks possess a warm emotional ambience, flowing from the serenity of 'Free' through the spiritual voice and cello interaction of 'Lambent Spire' to the mesmerising atmospheric overtones of the title track, 'Healing Senses.'
1 Free 4:39
2 Healing Senses 4:21
3 Lambent Spire 6:40
4 Free Flow 1:42
5 Free (Extended Mix) 5:48
6 Healing Senses (Extended Mix) 10:39