Format: Vinyl
Artist: Mick Karn
CatNo: KSCOPE900
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Mick Karn Each Eye A Path vinyl
The fifth solo album from Bass pioneer Mick Karn (Japan) on LP for the first time.
Originally released in 2001 on Medium Productions (Karn's joint venture with ex Japan colleagues Steve Jansen and Richard Barbieri), this powerfully inventive album featured Karn on vocals and a variety of exotic instruments.
Steve Jansen (who mixed the album) adds some typically tasteful drum and percussion parts.
This uniquely adventurous and evocative album - written and arranged between 1995 and 1999 - is minimal in terms of instrumentation, but extremely rich as regards the density of the playing and the quality of ideas on offer. 
An album of mood swings - mixing darkness and light, melancholy and hope - Each Eye A Path showcases Mick Karn at his most intimate and unfettered.
180g black vinyl in a cover with original cover artwork and printed inner sleeves.
1. Up To Nil [3:55]
2. The Salmon Of Knowledge [2:47]
3. Latin Mastock [5:42]
4. The Forgotten Puppeteer [3:01]
5. My Mrs T [3:33]
6. Angel's Got A Lotus [2:50]
1. Serves You Rice [4:17]
2. The Night We Never Met [6:19]
3. Venus Monkey [6:11]
4. Left Big [4:01]