Format: CD
Artist: Midnight Sun
CatNo: 0606314565459
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Midnight Sun Dark Tide Rising Progressive Rock CD
Midnight Sun seamlessly mix elements of Metal and Progressive utilising big keyboard soundscapes and clean, melodic vocals.
Lyrically, the album is dark in places - focussing on the central theme of loss - but there is also light, redemption and healing (as tracks such as Broken Angels and Scheherazade offer balance).
Painstakingly crafted songs delivered with superb musicianship. Welcome to the world of Midnight Sun.
1. Scheherazade (6.54)             
2. Clouds (8.15)         
3. Broken Angels (6.55)     
4. Early Warning  (9.37)    
5. Delirium (5.26)
6. Control (10.52)
Bonus Track
7. Clouds (single edit)  (5.09)