Format: Vinyl
Artist: Mork
CatNo: VILELP955
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Mork Den Svevende Festning Vinyl Peaceville
Mork was created by Thomas Eriksen in the town of Halden in Norway during 2004. Mork was primarily a side-project for Eriksen from inception until the debut album release in 2013 and since then the band has rightly earned their accolade as one of the top Norwegian black metal acts of recent years, receiving strong endorsements from their peers, having already amassed five full-length releases in a short period, and including guests from acts such as Darkthrone, Dimmu Borgir, Kampfar and more.
Den Svevende Festning features six tracks and over 32 minutes of raw and atmospheric Norwegian black metal, most notably containing exclusive and unreleased material recorded during the ‘Katedralen’ album sessions, in the shape of the title track (also the theme for the cover image, an old drawing of Fredriksten Fortress in Eriksen’s home-town of Halden), and ‘Ormtunge’.
Side A is completed by the alternate arrangement of the track ‘Født Til Å Herske’, previously only available digitally. Side B contains a selection of live tracks from Mork’s recent shows, featuring a series of tracks from the ‘Katedralen’ opus.
This edition of ‘Den Svevende Festning’ is presented on limited black vinyl.
1 Den Svevende Festning
2 Ormtunge
3 Fodt Til A Herske (Med Strykere)
1 Arv (live)
2 Det Siste Gode I Meg (live)
3 Svartmalt (live)