Format: CD
Artist: Mothlite
CatNo: KSCOPE208_del
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Mothlite Dark Age CD
The second album from cult Post Rockers Mothlite and the band's Kscope debut.
The brainchild of the prolific and eclectic Daniel O'Sullivan (Ulver, Sunn O))), Guapo, Grumbling Fur etc).
Mothlite moves in different musical directions from those taken by Daniel's other projects, recalling the ethereal 80's sounds of Talk Talk, Japan and Cocteau Twins, and fusing them with an innovative, forward-thinking approach to programming and sound design. 
Mothlite transcend any obvious reference point and follow a most novel path of paradoxes. Love, death, death of love, self-loathing, megalomania - all dipped in thick treacly molasses of ecstatic melody.   
1. Wounded Lions
2. Disappear
3. Seeing In The Dark
4. The Blood
5. Something In The Sky
6. The Underneath
7. Zebras
8. Dreamsinter Nightspore
9. Milk
10. Dark Age
11. Red Rook