Format: cd
Artist: Neil Campbell
CatNo: NCCD011
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Neil Campbell The Outsider - News from Nowhere CD
Neil Campbell’s The Outsider - News from Nowhere is an instrumental concept album based on William Morris’s novel News From Nowhere.
Combining Folk, Progressive and Classical influences, Neil plays classical and acoustic guitars, bass, harpsichord, harmonium and assorted percussion. Laurence Cocchiara (violins), Jon Lawton (percussion) and Helen Maher (accordion) guest. 
CD in digisleeve.
1. A Morning Bath (incl. The Bridge) 5:41
2. A Market by the Way (Part 1) 3:13
3. A Market by the Way (Part 2) 3:14
4. A Market by the Way (Part 3) 1:56
5. A Market by the Way (Part 4) 1:57
6. The Kensington Wood 2:00
7. Children in the Road 2:47
8. Mulleygrubs 2:11
9. Clara 2:08
10. Concerning Love (incl. Questions and Answers) 5:13
11. Dinner in the Hall of the Bloomsbury Market 2:45
12. How the Change Came 1:29
13. Haymaking 1:44
14. The Little River and the Journey's End 4:53