Format: Vinyl
Artist: New Order
CatNo: 0190295928889
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New_Order Substance_1987 Double_vinyl Bernard_Sumner
Originally released in 1987 on the legendary Factory Records, Substance compiled all of New Order's singles to that point in their 12” versions, along with many of their respective B-sides, and specially re-recorded versions of ‘Temptation’ and ‘Confusion’. 
This 2x180g LP collection includes all the band’s singles from the original Substance album.
Side 1
1. Ceremony
2. Everything’s Gone Green
3. Temptation 87
Side 2
1. Blue Monday
2. Confusion 87
3. Thieves Like Us
Side 3
1. The Perfect Kiss
2. Sub-culture
3. Shellshock
Side 4
1. State Of The Nation
2. Bizarre Love Triangle
3. True Faith