Format: CD
Artist: Noise In Your Eye
CatNo: NIYE001
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Noise In Your Eye Pink Floyd Michael Giles CD
Noise in Your Eye is a fascinating project created by musician/producer Adrian Chivers and musician/artist Daniel Pennie
The duo’s self-titled debut album artfully combines elements of contemporary jazz, experimental prog, modern classical, film-score, electronica and ambient, and features significant contributions from Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason, Michael Giles, Keith TippettCaroline Dale and others.
CD in six-panel digipak.
Noise in Your Eye formed in Box, Wiltshire in 2007 by long-term collaborators Adrian Chivers and Daniel Pennie, aduo of experimentally focused creatives.
​The duo's deep-set ability to craft music intuitively stems from a desire to avoid typical processes or generic structures. NIYE’s source material is primarily culled from live improvisations. What follows is a gradual process of emphasising the melodic lines which have occurred during these performances. This approach gives the music a unique sound; it’s formed spontaneously in the room, then refined to create a definitive composition.
A decade of such sonic adventures has resulted in ten eclectic compositions that make up NIYE’s debut release. There is also an exquisite cast of distinguished guests here, whose diverse range of performances bring depth and colour to these ‘imaginary-soundtracks’. 
To listen to this visual music is to drop immediately into a shimmering, sublime and highly cinematic universe.
1) The Dark Spot
2) Limbo Lines
3) Sinking Turtle House
4) Scent
5) Pink Neon
6) Limits Of Control
7) Zombie Johnson
8) NTT
9) 44 Steps
10) Touch The Water