Format: CD
Artist: Ozric Tentacles
CatNo: KSCOPE742
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Ozric Tentacles The Bits Between The Bits CD Ed Wynne Kscope
2022 remastered CD edition of the Ozric Tentacles' final cassette album from 1989.
The Bits Between the Bits was the final Ozrics cassette release and was essentially a collection of various previously unreleased recordings from 1985-1989, released whilst the band readied their Pungent Effulgent album.  
1. Eye Of Adia
2. Fragmentary Aura
3. Sparkling Oasis
4. Tidal Otherness
5. Secret Names
6. Symetricum
7. Floating Seeds
8. Ozrosis
9. Wreltch
10. Afterswish
11. Koh Phangan
12. The Cave Of Aeolas
13. Puff Puff On A Chuff Chuff
14. Health Music