Format: CD
Artist: Paul Draper
CatNo: KSCOPE378
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Paul Draper EP ONE cd
EP ONE is the 2016 Kscope label debut for former Mansun frontman Paul Draper.
The EP features three tracks: Feeling My Heart Run Slow - a thundering juggernaut of a revenge rock n roll song; No Ideas - a mind-expanding spy movie soundtrack condensed into just under six minutes (and featuring Steven Wilson), and The Silence is Deafening - a gleaming pop song that perfectly melds together glacial synths and soaring guitar-bass-drums.  
The EP also features an alternate mix of Feeling My Heart Run Slow by Andy MacFarlane of Scottish band The Twilight Sad.
The tracks on EP ONE were recorded at Paul's studio The Kitchen. No Ideas was recorded with Steven Wilson (who played bass, acoustic and electric guitar, Moog, Mellotron and Prophet synths on the track). The Silence is Deafening was co-written with Catherine AD (aka The Anchoress), whose current album Confessions Of A Romance Novelist was co-produced and co-written by Paul.
Digipak CD edition.
1. Feeling My Heart Run Slow (4:31)
2. No Ideas (with Steven Wilson) (5:29)
3. The Silence Is Deafening (3:44)
4. F.M.H.R.S. (The Twilight Sad Remix) (5:08)