Format: CD
Artist: Phenomena
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Phenomena Phenomena CD
A 2018 definitive edition of Phenomena the an all-star million selling album from 1985. 
Created by Tom Galley, the album features Glenn Hughes, Cozy Powell, Mel Galley, Neil Murray, Don Airey, Ric Sanders, John Thomas and Ted McKenna.
Remastered with a booklet containing new liner notes, along with the artwork from the original LP booklet and previously unseen imagery.
CD in digipak.


1 Kiss Of Fire 4:57
2 Still The Night 3:25
3 Dance With The Devil 4:43
4 Phoenix Rising 4:45
5 Believe 5:53
6 Who's Watching You 3:40
7 Hell On Wings 3:54
8 Twilight Zone 4:13
9 Phenomena 2:04