Format: CD
Artist: Richard Barbieri
CatNo: Variants1
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richard barbieri variants 1 EP japan cd

The Variants 1 EP is the first in a series of releases by Richard Barbieri that collect disparate pieces of music from past and current works that don't fit in with new album plans or concepts, but which Richard feels deserve to be heard. 

Features performances from Luca CalabreseSuzanne Barbieri and others, plus a 2009 instrumental version of the Japan B-Side The Experience Of Swimming.
At the end of this series, a beautiful and expansive package will be available (in which to house the CDs and better display the details of Samantha Keely Smith's art across the releases).
CD in card wallet.


1. Hybrid (5:59)
2. Only Passing Through (5:52)
3. The Experience Of Swimming 2009 (5:06)
4. New Found Land (Live 2017) (8:37)
5. Spacing Of Strands (Live Improv 2017) (7:24)