Format: CD
Artist: Robert Dean & Martin Birke
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Robert Dean and Martin Birke Triptych plus CD ambient
Showcasing two extraordinary talents, the all-instrumental Triptych + is the debut release by Robert Dean (ex-Japan) and Martin Birke (Genre Peak) 
Robert has recently returned to the music world after an absence of almost 30 years with his project Light Of Day, while Martin has produced an impressive body of work over the last two decades (and collaborated with the legendary likes of Mick Karn, Jon Hassell, Percy Howard and others).
An engaging mixture of dark atmospherics, pulsating electronics and imaginative textural guitar.
CD mini-album (31 minutes).
1.  Locust Storm (6.24)
2.  Amber Field (6.41)
3.  Avigation (6.31)
4.  Guidance Is Internal (11.40)