Format: CD-R
Artist: Roger Eno
CatNo: BS_131_CD-r
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roger eno getting warmer cd-r atmospheric

A beautiful collection of atmospheric vignettes and delicate, folk-inspired melodies, 'Getting Warmer' is the debut Burning Shed release from acclaimed ambient artist Roger Eno.

1. sections
2. slight
3. up to my neck
4. a gentle reminder
5. it's big out there
6. night light
7. getting warmer
8. running around slowly
9. bent violin (collage two)
10. little ornaments that sparkle
11. inner wave, outer tuning (collage one)
12. the first days of october
All compositions, improvisations and collages conceived and performed by Roger Eno.
Clare Richardson speaks her own words on "up to my neck" whilst Rory Fitzgerald is the bongo meister on "Sections".
Thanks go to Jon Goddard who assembled this disc, Dom Theobald, my lovely wife Bee and our little chums, Lottie and Dee Dee.
Produced by Roger Eno
Published by Notting Hill Music 2001
Photograph by Roger Eno