Format: CD
Artist: Rome Pays Off
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Rome Pays Off Theres No Simple Explanation CD

'There's No Simple Explanation' comprises of the first recordings in over ten years by Rothko founder members, Mark Beazley and Crawford Blair. Recorded over 6 months of Sundays, 'There's No Simple Explanation' showcases the pairs ear for subtly growing sound-scapes and a lonesome, gently plucked melody.

1. Song Eleven
2. Song Four
3. Song Seven
4. Song Five
5. Song One
6. Song Nine
7. Song Six
8. Song Ten
9. Song Three
10. Song Thirteen
11. Song Fourteen
12. Song Eight

All tracks written, recorded and produced by Mark Beazley and Crawford Blair.

The album was recorded over 6 months of Sundays from January to June 2010.