Format: Vinyl
Artist: Shriekback
CatNo: BS_3057_VINYL
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Shriekback Care vinyl
An 'as near as dammit' copy of the original 1983 vinyl release. 
Featuring the same re-mastering as the 2014 CD version, Care returns to the format it began life on.
Funny and clever, dark and funky, awash with alien textures.
A thrilling debut from a thrilling band.
Side 1: 
1) Lined Up (3:48)
2) Clear Trails (3:41)
3) Hapax Legomena (3:58)
4) Petulant (3:53)
5) Lines from the Library (3:38)
Side 2:
1) Brink of Collapse (4:08)
2) Sway (3:58)
3) Into Method (4:27)
4) Evaporation (3:21)
5) In: Amongst (2:12)

Barry Andrews - keyboards, synthesizers, vocals Carl Marsh - guitars, vocals Dave Allen - bass Recorded at KPM Studios, Denmark Street London, engineered by Ian Caple; some overdubs at Berry Street by Steve Forward and Brad Grisdale.