Format: CD
Artist: Slow Electric
CatNo: GYRCD005
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Slow Electric is a project featuring Tim Bowness and Peter Chilvers in collaboration with the Estonian duo UMA (guitarist Robert Jurjendal and trumpeter Aleksei Saks).
Using recordings taken from the project's 2010 Estonian Jazz Festival concerts as a basis, Bowness recorded new vocals and Chilvers contributed additional keyboards and atmospherics. King Crimson's Tony Levin added some of his unique bass/chapman stick to two of the album's six songs, and the multi-tracks were subsequently mixed by ace Zurich-based percussionist/producer Andi Pupato (Nik Bartsch's Ronin).
Released on the Panegyric label, Slow Electric's debut builds on California, Norfolk's and Flame's atmospheric 'torch song' styles.
From the elegiac opener Towards The Shore to the 5/4 groove of Criminal Caught In The Crime, the quartet combines its collective influences - singer-songwriter, electronica/ambient and European jazz -  with gracefully empathetic performances.
The Carl Glover designed digipack comes with a booklet featuring sleeve notes by Tim Bowness.
1. Towards The Shore  /  Towards An Ending (7.23)
2. Criminal Caught In The Crime (7.43)
3. Days Turn Into Years (9.35)
4. Slow Electric Hum  / Also Out Of Air (5.24)
5. Another Winter (5.04)
6. Between The Silent Worlds (6.37)

Another Winter:

Stream the track via iPhone / iPad - Another Winter 'Previously released as the first part of No-Man's Truenorth, this was always more of an intro than a fully-fledged song. I wrote it in 2006 as part of the original, unreleased, Schoolyard Ghosts song-cycle (which mainly dealt with the adolescent traumas of a friend and the subsequent emotional repercussions that still had an impact on his life well into his middle age). Each night we played this live, I was so enamoured of everyone else's contribution to the end sequence that I kept my rambling trap shut for fear of ruining the delicately crafted mood that Peter, Aleksei and Robert set up.' Tim Bowness, August 2011

Produced and recorded by Slow Electric in Estonia and the UK, December 2010-June 2011.
Mixed and mastered in Switzerland by Andi Pupato, July 2011.
Tim Bowness - vocals, vocal loops, piano on Another Winter, mellotron on Between The Silent Worlds
Peter Chilvers - keyboards, piano, textures, treatments, rhythms, iPad
Robert Jurjendal - guitar, guitar loops
Aleksei Saks - trumpet, trumpet loops
Tony Levin - bass, chapman stick on Towards The Shore and Days Turn Into Years