Format: CD
Artist: Steve Hackett
CatNo: CDSCDR1111
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Steve Hackett Voyage Of The Acolyte CD

Voyage of the Acolyte was the first studio album by Steve Hackett, released in October 1975 on Charisma Records as his only album recorded and released while he was a member of Genesis.

Featuring Mike Rutherford, Phil Collins, Percy Jones and Sally Oldfield.

Reissue. CD in jewel case.


1 Ace Of Wands 5:25
2 Hands Of The Priestess (Part 1) 3:29
3 A Tower Struck Down 4:52
4 Hands Of The Priestess (Part 2) 1:35
5 The Hermit 4:49
6 Star Of Sirius 7:08
7 The Lovers 1:49
8 Shadow Of The Hierophant 11:45
Bonus Tracks
9 Ace Of Wands (Live At The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane) 5:25
10 Shadow Of The Hierophant (Extended Playout Version) 17:00