Format: CD
Artist: Steven Wilson
CatNo: KSCOPE411
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Steven Wilson Transience cd
Now available on cd for the first time, Transience features songs recorded between 2003-2015 and is a personally curated introduction to the more accessible side of Steven Wilson's monumental solo output.
Containing 14 tracks and over an hour of music, this 2016 cd version includes the bonus track Happiness III and the SW band's spectacular re-reading of the Porcupine Tree classic Lazarus.
Transience showcases Steven's more traditional songwriting skills and provides an ideal opportunity to reassess some historic tracks. 
Originally released on limited edition vinyl in September 2015, Transience reached #3 in the UK vinyl charts and made history by being the first release to chart solely on vinyl sales this century.
Please note, the remaining copies have a bashed corner. Sold as seen, no returns.


1. Transience (Single Version) (3:10)
2. Harmony Korine (2016 Remaster) (5:07)
3. Postcard (4:28)
4. Significant Other (2016 Remaster) (4:31)
5. Insurgentes (2016 Remaster) (3:55)
6. The Pin Drop (5:01)
7. Happy Returns (Edit) (5:11)
8. Deform To Form A Star (Edit) (5:53)
9. Happiness III (4:31)
10. Thank You (4:39)
11. Index (4:47)
12. Hand Cannot Erase (4:13)
13. Lazarus (2015 re-recording) (3:57)
14. Drive Home (7:33)