Format: CD
Artist: The Bardic Depths
CatNo: GD220602
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The Bardic Depths Promises Of Hope CD Cosmograf

The Bardic Depths returns with its second album.

Dave Bandana, Peter Jones (Camel/Tiger Moth Tales/ Red Bazar), Gareth Cole (Paul Menel/ Fractal Mirror) and Tim Gehrt (The Streets/ Steve Walsh) are ably supported by a number of guest performances on Promises of Hope.

Inspired by the literary works of Virgil and C.S. Lewis, the story for the album was written by US based history professor Brad Birzer and centres around the horrors of suicide and the possibilities of redemption.

Co-produced, mixed and mastered by Robin Armstrong (Cosmograf).

CD in jewel case with 12-page booklet.

1. And She Appeared
2. Regal Pride
3. Consumed
4. The Burning Flame
5. Colours and Shapes
6. Why Are You Here
7. Returned
8. The Essence
9. Imagine