Format: CD
Artist: Three Colours Dark
CatNo: FFMCD012
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Three Colours Dark Loves Lost Property CD Jonathan Edwards
Love’s Lost Property, the second album from Three Colours Dark, builds beautifully on the creative foundations of the duo's debut. 
Unafraid to investigate a range of musical territories, the album incorporates lush, cinematic soundscapes alongside seductive and emotional instrumental and vocal melody lines.
Guests include Dave Gregory, Kate Ronconi, Steve Balsamo and, of course, the band’s engineer and co-producer Tim Hamill on acoustic/electric guitars, electric bass and all drum programming. 
CD in digipak with 16-page lyric booklet.
1. Love's Lost Property
2. Dark Before Dawn
3. Requiem
4. Last Day On Earth
5. Wish I Wished You Well
6. The Circus
7. Ordinary World
8. Eye For An Eye
9. Love's Lost Property (Reprise)