Format: CD
Artist: Tim Bowness
CatNo: 19439973782
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Tim Bowness Butterfly Mind 2CD no-man Steven Wilson
From the short, sharp shocks of Always The Stranger and Only A Fool to the long-form ambition of the sensuous Dark Nevada Dream, the cinematic Electro-Ballroom of Glitter Fades and the dystopian paranoia of Say Your Goodbyes Parts 1 and 2, Butterfly Mind delivers a thrilling fusion of Art Rock invention, Post-Punk energy and epic soulful ballads.
Tim’s seventh solo album - his sixth for InsideOutMusic / Sony - features the stellar rhythm section of Richard Jupp (Elbow) and Nick Beggs alongside a spectacular generation and genre spanning guest list including Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull), Dave Formula (Magazine), Peter Hammill (Van Der Graaf Generator), Martha Goddard (The Hushtones), Gregory Spawton (Big Big Train), Mark Tranmer (The Montgolfier Brothers / GNAC), Saro Cosentino (Franco Battiato), Italian Jazz musician Nicola Alesini, US singer Devon Dunaway (Ganga), Stephen W Tayler (Kate Bush) and, marking his first studio work with Tim for nearly three decades, former No-Man violinist Ben Coleman.
Produced by Tim Bowness and Brian Hulse (Plenty), the album was mixed and mastered by Steven Wilson. The stunning artwork is by Carl Glover.
Limited double CD version with alt mix of the album, an album outtake and two demos. 
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‘A career highpoint for Tim Bowness, full of invention, scope and ambition.’ Prog Magazine
‘Butterfly Mind feels like the work of a reinvigorated singer. This stings like a bee.’ - Classic Rock
'Tim Bowness's seventh album pushes the boat out.' Classic Pop
Unsettling and haunting, yet shot through with flashes of optimism and hope, Butterfly Mind is a vibrant offering that shows an artist unafraid to play with the possibilities of his music.



1. Say Your Goodbyes, Pt. 1 2:22 
2. Always The Stranger 2:50 
3. It's Easier To Love 5:13 
4. We Feel 4:53 
5. Lost Player 3:13 
6. Only A Fool 4:33 
7. After The Stranger 1:15 
8. Glitter Fades 4:50 
9. About The Light That Hits The Forest Floor 3:49 
10. Dark Nevada Dream 8:26 
11. Say Your Goodbyes, Pt. 2 1:59 
1. Say Your Goodbyes, Pt. 1 Alt 2:23 
2. Always The Stranger Alt 2:48 
3. It's Easier To Love Alt 5:10 
4. We Feel Alt 5:02 
5. Lost Player Alt 3:16 
6. Only A Fool Alt 4:36 
7. After The Stranger Alt / Extended Version 2:06 
8. Glitter Fades Alt 4:53 
9. About The Light That Hits The Forest Floor Alt 3:48 
10. Dark Nevada Dream Alt 8:26 
11. Say Your Goodbyes, Pt. 2 Alt 1:52 
12. Clearing Houses 3:34 
13. Always The Stranger - Raw :45 
14. Lost Player - Primitive 2:48