Format: CD
Artist: Unitopia
CatNo: 687433807002
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Unitopia The_Garden 3CD Mark_Trueack

2023 reissue of the 2020 remaster of Unitopia's The Garden (2008).

3CD in quad-fold digipack featuring bonus live tracks and a 20-page booklet .


CD1 Original Ablum Remastered
1 One Day
2 The Garden
3 Angeliqua
4 Here I Am
5 Amelia´s Dream
6 I Wish I Could Fly
7 Inside The Power
CD2 Original Album Remastered
1 Journeys Friend
2 Give And Take
3 When I´m Down
4 This Life
5 Love Never Ends
6 So Far Away
7 Don´t Give Up Love
8 321
CD3 Extras
1 One Day (Live In Europe)
2 The Garden (Live USA)
3 I Wish I Could Fly (Live USA)
4 Here I Am (Live Germany)
5 Angeliqua (Live Netherlands)
6 The Garden (Live Netherlands)
7 Tears From The Garden (New 2020 Recordings)