Format: CD
Artist: Virgil & Steve Howe
CatNo: 88985486092
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Steve Howe Virgil Howe Nexus Yes CD
A unique father son collaboration between the late Virgil Howe and Yes legend Steve, blending neo-Classical elements with dreamy Jazz, straight forward grooves, and cinematic themes. 
On 11th September 2017, Virgil Howe unexpectedly passed away at the age of 41. 
“Virgil and I had only recently completed recording Nexus, which contains eleven of his tunes to which I added a guitar to suit each one. Nexus explores a completely different side of Virgil’s ability, as a writer and keyboard player. His talents were multi-diverse and he always gave his best. We hope that the music just completed will stand as a fitting tribute to his life and legacy.” - Steve Howe 
CD in digipak edition.
1. Nexus (04:57)
2. Hidden Planet (03:27)
3. Leaving Aurura (03:40)
4. Nick's Star (03:41)
5. Night Hawk (03:35)
6. Moon Rising (03:31)
7. Passing Titan (04:06)
8. Dawn Mission (05:07)
9. Astral Plane (03:37)
10. Infinite Space (02:08)
11. Freefall (02:09)